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The Kentucky Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Program was created in 2006 through a partnership between Kentucky Campus Compact (KyCC) and the Kentucky State Office of the Corporation for National and Community Service. This program was developed in recognition of the potential for institutions of higher education to more responsibly address the local needs of low-income communities, and be responsible mechanisms for community change. Through their placements, KyCC AmeriCorps VISTA members build, support, and develop the capacity for KyCC member institutions to establish and maintain strong service programs. They are able to connect multiple community-based organizations with campus resources, including student volunteer groups, service-learning courses, and Federal Work Study programs. KyCC’s partnership with the Kentucky Highlands Promise Zone and the Corporation for National and Community Service is providing for 4 AmeriCorps VISTA members and one VISTA Leader at organizations serving the Kentucky Highlands Promise Zone.




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