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Promise Zone total Square Miles

Name Square Miles
Bell County 361.19
Clay County 471.07
Harlan County 468.21
Knox County 386.30
Leslie County 404.45
Letcher County 339.03
Perry County 342.59
Whitely County (minus tracts 9203 and   9204) 298.47
Total Area            3,071.30
*Projection Used: Kentucky State Plane   FIPS 1600 Feet  

ARC 50 Year Report

Appalachia Then and Now: Examining Changes to the Appalachian Region since 1965

February 2015
Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness and West Virginia University

This study, commissioned by the Appalachian Regional Commission, analyzes 50 years of socioeconomic trends, including poverty, income disparity, unemployment, employment change, population change, economic and industry mix, educational attainment, housing quality, health, transportation access, and telecommunications capacity in the Appalachian Region and summarizes the economic impacts accruing to the Region through ARC’s non-highway investments. The report also includes results from a rigorous quasi-experimental research method indicating that counties that received ARC investments increased per capita income and added employment at a faster rate than similar counties that did not receive ARC investments. The report also summarizes input gathered from stakeholders in focus group meetings held in each of the 13 Appalachian states.

The study comprises three documents: an executive summary, which summarizes the findings, metrics, and methodology of the study; a technical report which provides more detail about the socioeconomic trends, the economic impact study and the quasi-experimental research method; and a state meetings report, which provides summaries from each of the state focus groups.

Appalachia Then and Now: Compilation of all Reports (PDF: 12 MB)



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