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Educational Opportunities June 14, 2022



A Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, And Intersex Pride Month, 2022 | The White House

ConnectHome Playbook
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers this valuable resource to assist in building a digital inclusion plan for housing communities with topics ranging from resident engagement to developing partnerships with local nonprofits, sourcing devices and more.

Rural America Placemaking Toolkit
USDA Rural Development, in collaboration with the University of Kentucky’s Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky offer support with Rural Placemaking with a new interactive, media-focused website based toolkit.

Permanent Housing Placement National Challenge to House 38,000 Veterans in 2022 The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has established a nationwide goal to house 38,000 homeless veterans during calendar year 2022, offering targeted resources to support communities.  

NeighborWorks America
This organization creates opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities offering technical assistance through network organizations.

Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program seeks local partners to implement Workforce Leadership Academies
The Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program seeks partners to implement Workforce Leadership Academies in six cities or regions. Letter of Intent by June 24th.

How to qualify for a Habitat home?
Prospective Habitat for Humanity homeowners must demonstrate a need for safe, affordable housing and perform “sweat equity”. Sweat equity may include taking homeownership classes or performing volunteer work in a Habitat ReStore.

USDA Recent Radio Recordings:


Events and Learning

+You thought leadership video series | Habitat for Humanity

Housing Assistance Council Webinar Series on Subdivision Development for Affordable Housing
Recorded: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

SCORE Recorded Webinar Library: Supporting Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Building the Capacity to Invest in Rural Prosperity Part II 
June 16 | Webinar
Past webinars: C-FARE YouTube

Strengthening Co-op Capacity for Historically Underserved Farmers – Invest in agricultural communities and transform America’s food systems
June 23 | Webinar

Oweesta’s annual Native CDFI Capital Access Convening: Amplifying Our Collective Voice
June 28 - 30 | Webinar

American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association’s Equity in Focus: Building a Diverse, Inclusive Clean Energy Workforce
June 29 | Webinar

The Alaska Housing Innovations Summit 
August 9-10: Webinar

Center for Community Progress-Reclaiming Vacant Properties
Sept. 7-9 | Webinar

Educational Opportunities, April 27, 2022



Rural Partners Network (RPN)
RPN is an alliance of federal agencies and civic partners working to expand rural prosperity through job creation, infrastructure development, and community improvement. Factsheet.

Thrive Rural Framework
The Aspen Institute offers as a new tool to help communities inventory, take action, and gauge progress on rural prosperity while gauging the readiness of people/leadership and organizations learn/act together.

Investing in Rural Prosperity
Published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, this piece seeks to help rural individuals and communities achieve shared economic prosperity.

Vehicle to Everything: Memorandum of Understanding
U. S. Department of Energy and partners offer a First of Its Kind Collaboration to Accelerate "Vehicle-to-Everything" Technologies.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia | Community Development
Visit this site to tap into numerous development resources including their Reinventing Our Communities Cohort Program.

Reckoning with a Reckoning: How Cultural Institutions Can Advance Equity
Nonprofit Quarterly Article addressing learning practices to prioritize community justice to advance equity.

Placemaking Resources:


Events and Learning

National Small Business Week Virtual Summit hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration and SCORE
May 2 and 5 | Webinar (Sign up live or to receive the recording)

eProject eXpress hosted by Department of Energy
May 9 | Webinar

2022 Rural LISC Seminar: Rural Talks on the Hill Series 
May 10-11 | Broadband & Infrastructure 
July 13-15 | Housing
Dec. 7-9 | Workforce & Small Business

USDA New Construction Funding for Off-Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants Live Workshop
May 11 | Webinar

Lab-to-Market IDEA Summit (Ideas for Developing Equitable Access)
May 17 | Summit

Join America’s Seed Fund Startup Expo 
May 25 | Virtual Expo

USDA Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program 
Recorded Webinar

Innovation Matters, Educational Opportunities 04/20/2022



USDA Climate-Smart Resources:

Other Energy Information:


Events and Learning

Rural Workforce Innovation Network Virtual Workshop - How to Apply for and Manage Federal Grants
April 21 and 28 | Webinar

IIJA Broadband Programs Pre-NOFO Technical Assistance Webinar #4
April 27 | Webinar

EPA’s Creating the Water Workforce of the Future: Retaining a Strong and Resilient Utility Workforce
May 4 | Webinar

Meeting the Financial Services Needs of Native Americans: Native Bank On ONAC
May 11 | Webinar

Placemaking in Small and Rural Communities Online Conference 
May 23-24 | Virtual Conference

Clean Cities' New Electric School Bus Technical Assistance Series

EPA’s Creating the Digital Water Workforce of the Future



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