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The people and organizations of the Promise Zone will mobilize their human, natural, cultural, historic and economic assets to design communities where:

  • A competitively trained workforce that can find meaningful work which provides wages and benefits capable of supporting a family;

  • A healthy environment which provides diverse economic and recreational opportunities for a healthy population;

  • Regional and personal histories to provide a context for the continued growth in the culture, artisan and crafts skills and knowledge that helped create such resilient people and places;

  • There are opportunities for persons of all ages, abilities and interests to develop their talents as a foundation for personal development;

  • Community and regional decisions reflect the broad engagement of all those who live here including the disabled and elderly thus energizing participation in civic life and

  • Build a sense of hope and optimism for change through the implementation of the regional plan's action strategies.


Amended September 11, 2015



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