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Promise Zone Profiles

Ken Bolin - Clay County

By Jeremy Wolf, EKU Manchester











Ken Bolin, the pastor of Manchester Baptist Church, is a passionate leader who is not afraid to get involved and do what it takes to make the world a better place. He will do the right thing despite unpopular opinion.  Bolin has a love for people and wants to see them succeed. He speaks hope into the lives of the hurting and is loved by those who know him. Bolin gives the credit to God.

Bolin joined the fight to help the lives of drug addicts, their families, and children after seeing the pain and suffering caused by drugs in Clay County.  

Manchester Baptist Church opened a food pantry to feed the hungry. The pantry helps mothers with infants by supplying them with needed baby items, and they opened a facility called God’s Closet, which receives donations of clothes, shoes, and other necessities to give to those in need.

On occasions, Bolin has given money to the help others. This is just one example of what Bolin has done for the community.


Tess Lipps - Clay County

By Ailenea Sexton, EKU Manchester

When I think of a person who strives to make our county a better place, I think of Tess Lipps. Lipps is an active member of the Clay County community. He is the pastor of Manchester Gospel Missions. He started the Clay County Cancer Coalition, which provides wigs, turbans and gas cards to those who travel to receive cancer treatments. He is one of the founders of the local Upward Soccer, which is a Christian based program that develops athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. In 2014, Lipps was named Clay County’s “Man of the Year.”  He is a role model when it comes to making a positive impact in Clay County.

Joyce Combs - Clay County

By Haley Elizabeth Martin, EKU Manchester

Joyce Combs is a postal worker who delivers mail to the citizens of Oneida, Kentucky. When she is not carrying the mail, she is making handmade baskets, canning food, growing her own produce, and tending to the livestock on her farm. She loves people and people in the community love her. She frequently takes food and baked goods to the people in the community for no reason at all.

She inspires me to be a better person, stick to my roots, and learn how to grow my food. In my opinion, she makes the Promise Zone a better place.

Brent Jackson - Stop Gap


















By Brady McBride

Stop Gap originator, Brent Jackson, knows the birth of an idea can come in many forms, the most uncommon being an abrupt accident.

When a two-year contract created an obstacle in repairing his wife's broken iPhone 4 screen in 2012, Jackson sought a more cost-efficient and effective way of repairing the device by fixing it himself. After a four-hour operation, Jackson was able to get the phone back into working condition.

Jackson turned his negative experience into a small business called Stop Gap. Stop Gap's purpose is to fix broken Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads, which could extend the life of the device.

In August 2015, Jackson entered Stop Gap in the Kentucky Innovation Network's Angel Investing Competition and won the first-place prize of $1,000. Jackson invested the winnings toward a computer, advertising and office space in London, Kentucky.

Jackson says his mission is to fix the electronics that often hold so much importance in people's lives.

“No matter what happens to your [device] we want to get you up and running again,” Jackson said.

Jackson says he would like to set up locations near college campuses and offer internships for students to further Stop Gap's growth while providing work experience to our region's future. 



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