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By Jeremy Wolf, EKU Manchester











Ken Bolin, the pastor of Manchester Baptist Church, is a passionate leader who is not afraid to get involved and do what it takes to make the world a better place. He will do the right thing despite unpopular opinion.  Bolin has a love for people and wants to see them succeed. He speaks hope into the lives of the hurting and is loved by those who know him. Bolin gives the credit to God.

Bolin joined the fight to help the lives of drug addicts, their families, and children after seeing the pain and suffering caused by drugs in Clay County.  

Manchester Baptist Church opened a food pantry to feed the hungry. The pantry helps mothers with infants by supplying them with needed baby items, and they opened a facility called God’s Closet, which receives donations of clothes, shoes, and other necessities to give to those in need.

On occasions, Bolin has given money to the help others. This is just one example of what Bolin has done for the community.




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