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By: Casey Lance

           Monica and Scott Clouse are a married couple dedicated to showing the beauty of Barbourville, Kentucky. Between the wilderness adventures, Union College and Appalachian heritage, there is much to offer from this southern small town.

            “We love seeing our town flourish. We love seeing our town gather together and show our southern hospitality,” said Monica.

            Barbourville has a rich culture in history, Appalachian heritage, crafters and musicians. With Monica and Scott’s help, these artisans can showcase their talents by holding events such as the BBQ Festival, Union College Redbud Festival of Appalachian Culture, and Knox Street Thunder.

            When asked about being a college town, Scott said, “It’s a great mix of generations coming together to develop events for any age or any level of excitement.” Outdoor recreation such as hiking, canoeing, and mountain biking has a strong presence with all ages throughout the town.

            Monica and Clouse are very active in their community and have regularly attended SOAR and Promise Zone meetings, so naturally Sandi Curd has recognized them for shaping our region.

            “We are committed to seeing our region grow. With both of our jobs, they give us the opportunity to give back to our community, establish programs for growth, and reach out to people like Sandi, to give Barbourville the chance to be seen for what it is,” said Scott Clouse. “It’s one of the friendliest and welcoming communities in Kentucky.”

            “We bring a different type of adventure and history that we want to share with the world,” said Monica.

            “From the first house in Kentucky, the first college in the mountains, three of the most historic trails in our nation, to the oldest continuous running festival in the state, Barbourville is where history comes to life,” said Scott.



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