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By Katie Braswell, Letcher County Central High School

Lisa Braswell, 49, has been teaching at Letcher Elementary School in Letcher County, Kentucky, since 1989. She plays guitar and sings for 7 South, a local bluegrass band she joined in 2009. 7 South connects people back to their Appalachian roots by playing music at local festivals and gatherings. Through education and music, Braswell serves the people and brings light to the community. She said that the heritage of Appalachia is shared through music, storytelling and food. Braswell grew up being taught the value of hard work and respect, and she hopes to pass those values down to her students. “Hopefully, I am instilling a love of learning in my children, and a desire to become productive citizens and further their education. I want them to want something more, something better for themselves,” Braswell said.



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