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By Hannah Adams, Letcher County Central High School

Doug Adams is a familiar name within the Appalachian region. He is locally famous for his one-of-a-kind artwork that can be found throughout many small towns in the region. Local people may be surprised to know that Adams is also well-known throughout the country. He has several pieces displayed in various colleges, galleries and states.

Adams was born and raised in the Great Depression. Despite his difficult life, he and his family were happy. His father worked for Kentucky Power Company, was a state representative, and ran a general store on the side. Both of his parents were teachers, which inspired him to become one as well.

Growing up, Adams never considered a career in art because no one talked about its value. According to him, people would say, “Oh, that’s a pretty picture,” or “I like that,” but did not appreciate its true value. He decided to become an art major in college after becoming friends with people in the department. “Well, that’s as good as any,” Adams said. He once thought he’d become a doctor, but realized he’d rather paint than take out a gallbladder.

Adams plans to give back to the region that has given so much to him by continuing to work alongside the youth of Appalachia.



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