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Applications for final round of Promise Zones

Obama Administration Announces Competition to Designate the Third and
Final Round of Promise Zones

The Obama Administration invites a new round of eligible applicants to apply for a Promise Zone designation.  Urban, rural, and tribal communities nationwide are invited to put forward plans to address multiple community revitalization challenges in a collaborative way.

Any community meeting the eligibility criteria can apply for a designation.  HUD and USDA will designate 7 Promise Zones across urban, rural and tribal communities in the Spring of 2016.


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Appalshop honored in NEA Milestone Video

    NEA Highlights Appalshop in 50th Anniversary Milestone Video   
    We were recently honored to be     featured in this Milestone Video celebrating the National Endowment for the     Arts' 50th Anniversary. The video combines archival footage with interviews     from staff, partners and community members that showcase Appalshop's unique     legacy of work in place-based media production and community arts. Thanks     to the NEA for this great piece, as well as for their continued support     over the years! Watch     the video in its entirety on YouTube.   



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