CORI Rural Opportunity Map
The Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) offers various mapping resources for rural leaders, community members, funders, and investors to understand the landscape and identify opportunities and strategies to achieve sustainable economic success in small town Rural America. Tutorial.

Tribal Leaders Handbook on Homeownership
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis’ Center for Indian Country Development offers this resource guide for tribal leaders outlining homeownership tips and tools to increase homeownership to assist in community asset building, economic development, and community transformation.

Innovation is Widespread in Rural Areas, Not Just Cities 
A comprehensive measure developed at the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development shows that innovation is widespread even in rural places not typically thought of as innovative.

Enhanced Federal Information Sharing on Coordination Could Improve Rural Transit Services
Government Accountability Office report details the Federal Transit Administration's efforts in improving rural public transit coordination and identifies areas for improvement.

Should Your Nonprofit Build an Endowment?
This Nonprofit Quarterly publication offers pros and cons for non-profit organizations to consider when pondering cultivating an endowment.  

Event Opportunities

Mid-America Workforce Summit
January 22 – 23 | Topeka, KS
An annual forum for community leaders and chamber representatives, legislators and government officials, employers, educators, and local workforce board members to take action to address the new realities facing the workforce and economic development issues in the midwestern region of the United States.

2020 Agricultural Outlook Forum
February 20-21 | Arlington, VA
This year’s plenary panel and several breakout sessions will focus on science and innovation as a driving force with the future growth as well as challenges facing farmers.

CDFA Federal Policy Conference
April 14-15 | Washington, DC
The Council of Development Finance Agencies Federal Policy Conference will feature development finance experts and practitioners from key federal agencies, congressional offices, and policy organizations and will feature an opportunity for attendees to network. A kickoff workshop will focus on federal grant application writing.