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By Isabelle Finley, EKU Manchester















Tom and Chris Denman of Manchester, Kentucky are an inseparable couple that works together every day to help the Promise Zone. They are both incredibly involved with their church, The Risen Son Worship & Outreach Center. Tom and Chris Denman have led such impactful lives and perform so many wonderful deeds in the community. One of their endeavors stand out, the Mission Sales that they are involved with each week. Every Tuesday their church holds a Mission Sale where they sell items that have been donated, such as clothing, furniture, and toys. All proceeds go to national and local charities, like the Cancer Coalition, Big Creek Elementary School Back Pack Club, Hurricane Harvey victims, and Hurricane Matthew victims, just to name a few. When the Mission Sale is over, The Risen Son Worship & Outreach Center donate the remaining items to local churches and the Heart and Soul Life Center, a pregnancy help center in Clay County. Tom and Chris are so dedicated to helping people in the Promise Zone.



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