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The Federal Bureau of Prisons has released the final Environmental Impact Study for the proposed federal corrections facility in Letcher County.  The EIS contract was awarded in April to provide a detailed analysis of two potential sites  As a result, the study suggests that a 584-acre site in the Rosana community will be the best location for a new prision. 

"The site selection for the new proposed prison is exciting news for the people of Eastern Kentucky, as we get one step closer to another opportunity to create hundreds of much-needed jobs in Letcher County," said Rogers.  "The progress for this project is a testament to the local grassroots efforts of the Letcher County

Planning Commission and I applaud their persistence in recruiting jobs to the region."  In 2006, Rogers secured an initial $5 million in Congress enabling the Federal Bureau of Prisons to initiate the site planning and selection process, along with related environmental assessments for a possible Letcher County location.

Letcher County Judge Jim Ward said that news of the site selection was welccomed as this brings the prison one step closer to becoming a reality.

"The construction jobs that will be created will be an immediate shot in the arm for the local economy once that begins,"  Ward said.  Construction of the prison is expected to take nearly three years.

Ward said that he hopes to use that time working with private investors who would build homes for the 300 people the prison will employ.  "We want to keep as many of those people within the county as possible," he said.

Reprinted from the Letcher County Community News-Press



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