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Suzette Letter January 16, 2015

A heads up: Seeking Board Members for the Community Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Board

The Federal Reserve Board on Friday announced the formation of a new advisory council that will be comprised of individuals with consumer- and community development-related expertise. The Community Advisory Council (CAC) will provide information, advice, and recommendations to the Board on a wide range of relevant policy matters and emerging issues of interest.  The CAC will meet semiannually with the Board in Washington to offer diverse perspectives on the economic circumstances and financial services needs of consumers and communities, with a particular focus on the concerns of low- and moderate-income populations. The fifteen CAC members will serve staggered three-year terms and will be selected by the Board through a public nomination process.  Information regarding the nomination process will be provided soon. The Board plans to hold the first meeting of the CAC in the fourth quarter of 2015.  

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Kessler Foundation

Kessler Foundation Invites Applications for 2015 Signature Employment Grants

TheKessler Foundationis dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities through discovery, innovation, demonstration, and the dissemination of results.

To that end, the foundation is inviting concept applications from nonprofit organizations for its annual Signature Employment grants program, which supports pilot initiatives, demonstration projects, and social ventures that lead to the generation of new ideas that address the high unemployment and underemployment of individuals with disabilities.

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