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Foster Grandparent Grant Opportunity


Corporation for National and Community Service


About the Funding Opportunity

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) Kentucky State Office announces a grant funding opportunity for eligible organizations to apply to operate and manage a Foster Grandparent Program local project in the geographic area indicated below. More information about this opportunity can be found at: www.nationalservice.gov/SeniorCorps_Replacement_Grants.


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Suzette's Letter February 13, 2015


National Trends in Local Food Systems from the USDA

Farm sector profitability expected to weaken in 2015

U.S. net farm income—a measure of the sector’s profitability—is forecast to be $73.6 billion in 2015, down nearly 32 percent from 2014’s forecast of $108 billion. The 2015 forecast would be the lowest since 2009 and a drop of nearly 43 percent from the record high of $129 billion in 2013. Lower crop receipts (-$15.6 billion) and livestock receipts (-$10.1 billion) are the main drivers of the change, as production expenses are projected up less than 1 percent ($2.5 billion) and government payments are forecast to increase about 15 percent ($1.6 billion) in 2015. Net cash income is forecast at $89.4 billion, down about 22 percent from the 2014 forecast. Net cash income is projected to decline less than net farm income primarily because it reflects the sale of carryover stocks from 2014. This chart is found in 2015 Farm Sector Income Forecast, released February 10, 2015.

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