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September 26, 2014

Farmers Market and Local Food Marketing – List of Program and Services available from UDSA Agriculture Marketing – including food hubs, local food, farmers market and grant programs.

Food Value Chains: Creating Shared Value to Enhance Marketing Success - Food value chains are
business arrangements distinguished by their commitment to transparency, collaborative business planning and exchange of market intelligence and business know how among chain partners, and their interest in developing
business strategies and solutions that yield tangible benefits to each participant in the system. The Wallace Center, in collaboration with USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, and American University has released a new resource, Food
Value Chains: Creating Shared Value to Enhance Marketing Success. This document is designed to provide guidance on how food value chains are initiated and structured, how they function, and the benefits they provide to participants, with the intent of encouraging their adoption where the opportunities for successful collaboration exist. Source: USDA AMS

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Tax Credits

The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development's Small Business Services Division is dedicated to assisting all small businesses in Kentucky, both start-up and existing.  They have the tools you'll need to take your company to
the next level. Some of their programs and services include:

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Pre School Development Grants

Grant Opportunities with Promise Zone Benefits

CDFI: New Market Tax Credits

Department of Education: Preschool Development Grants: Expansion Grants

Technical Assistance

Choice Neighborhood Webinar: Trauma Informed Community Building in San Francisco’s South Potrero Choice Neighborhood U.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences Team Promise Zones Technical Assistance Webinar

Grant Opportunities

CDFI: New Market Tax Credits

·         Submission of CDE Certification Application: August 22, 2014

·         Online Submission of Allocation Application: October 1, 2014

·         Submission of Subsidiary CDE Certification Application: October 1, 2014

·         Online Submission of Application Attachments: October 3, 2014

·         Prior Allocatees' Issuance of Qualified Equity Investments: January 30, 2015

·         2014 NMTC Program Awards Announced: Spring 2015


The New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC Program) was established by Congress in 2000 to spur new or increased investments into operating businesses and real estate projects located in low-income communities. The NMTC Program attracts investment capital to low-income communities by permitting individual and corporate investors to receive a tax credit against their Federal income tax return in exchange for making equity investments in specialized financial institutions called Community Development Entities (CDEs). The credit totals 39 percent of the original investment amount and is claimed over a period of seven years (five percent for each of the first three years, and six percent for each of the remaining four years). The investment in the CDE cannot be redeemed before the end of the seven-year period.

Link to Promise Zones:

Community Outcomes begin on p. 23 of the application (p. 37 of the pdf). Promise Zones are included in item 12 on the distress factors list. An applicant will receive favorable competitive consideration if it commits to provide at least 75 percent of its Qualified Low Income Community Investments (QLICIs) – in terms of aggregate dollar amounts – in areas that meet certain distress criteria. One way for a location to meet this standard is to be both within a federally designated Promise Zone and also meet one of several other criteria.

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