Rural Development HUBS: Strengthening America’s Rural Innovation Infrastructure
This Aspen Institute summarizes how Rural Development Hubs, build a stronger rural economy and using economic development practices that advance equity, health and prosperity.

GAO Report on Alternative Drinking Water Systems for Very Small Communities
The Government Accountability Office provides an overview of five alternative drinking water systems used by communities with fewer than 500 people. It examines the barriers to implementing new systems and technologies. It also identifies four federal funding systems that support technical assistance and training for small drinking water systems serving communities of fewer than 10,000.

Funding Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building
e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems resource on the current state of economic development funding to build and retain an effective entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Rural Community Action Guide: Building Stronger, Healthy Drug-Free Rural Communities
The National Drug Control Policy’s action guide assists rural community leaders in building an effective local response to the crisis of addiction, complementing the Community Assessment Tool and the Federal Rural Resources Guide.

Event Opportunities

2020 Agricultural Outlook Forum
February 20 - 21 | Arlington, VA
This year’s plenary panel and several breakout sessions will focus on science and innovation as a driving force with future growth as well as challenges facing farmers.

Rural Child Hunger Summit 
March 31 - April 1 |
 Columbus, OH
No Kid Hungry is hosting a strategic summit for stakeholders who are leading change to reduce child hunger in rural communities. 

Rural Youth Assembly
April 2 - 5 | McAllen, TX
The Rural Assembly will host rural and native young adults from across the country to discuss issues critical to quality of life.

CDFI Symposium
May 19 - 20 | St. Louis, MO
The Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Symposium will showcase data, research and policy studies that increase understanding of the roles, impact and activity of CFDIs.

The Roaring 2020’s: Mobilizing Your Talent and Economy for the New Decade
June 3 - 5 | Columbus, OH
Council for Community and Economic Research & Labor Market Information (LMI) Institute offers this annual forum to share how researchers are moving local, regional, and state economies and their workforce forward.