Publications">Where Housing Units Are Changing
The Census publishes key housing changes as the nation’s housing stock increased by 6.8 million units since April 1, 2010, showing North Dakota as the fastest-growing state, in terms of housing units.">Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 2019
USDA,">Economic Research Service’s new Publication describes trends in economic, structural, resource, and environmental indicators in the agriculture sector which provide assessments of important changes in U.S. agriculture industry development and implications for economic, social, and environmental sustainability.">NTIA's New Comprehensive Guide to Federal Broadband Funding
The NTIA introduced a new">searchable database of 50 federal broadband programs, spanning a dozen federal agencies with billions of dollars for broadband grants, loans and other resources. The database, created with help of participating federal agencies, fulfills a goal set out in the American Broadband Initiative announced in February to make it easier for community leaders to find federal funding and permitting information.">The Center for Indian Country Development Reservation Profiles
The Center for Indian Country Development updated its">Reservation Profiles with new data from the American Community Survey (ACS) (2013-2017) and its broadband usage rates.

Event Opportunities">Federal Financing for Nutrient Reductions: Grants and Lending Opportunities
June 12, 2019 | Free Webinar (space is limited)
USDA and EPA will be co-hosting a 4 part webinar series on federal grants and innovative financing options including approaches for funding point source and non-point source control for nutrient reductions.">Income & Poverty Related Statistics
June 13, 2019 | Free Webinar
Learn how to use the Census’ Income & Poverty data along with an illustration outlining easy-to-use tools including maps to capture key statistics related to income & poverty.">Understand Basic Financial Statements to Better Your Business
June 13, 2019 | Free Webinar
SCORE, a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, explains how to become more informed and make better financial decisions simply by understanding these 3 basic financial statements: profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements.">The Consortium for Housing and Asset Management 2019 Annual Conference
June 18-19, 2019 | Nashville, Tennessee 
Leaders from across the affordable housing industry will gather to explore and discuss emerging topics and trends within the asset management discipline.">Rural Homeless Conference
June 19, 2019 | Oak Ridge, Tennessee">Rural Homeless Institute is offering an opportunity to meet and develop fresh ideas for securing housing and health care for those in rural areas.