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  1. 1.First Nations Report Highlights Economic Impact of Tribal Colleges in Northwest Area Foundation's Eight-State Region

A new report from First Nations Development Institute finds that tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) contribute significantly to both short- and long-term economic development in reservation-based Native communities. The study covered TCUs in the Northwest Area Foundation’s eight-state region. The report – The Economic Impact of Tribal Colleges in the Northwest Area Foundation Region — is the first in a new series of short publications called Research Notes that will keep the field updated with timely research about Indian Country. This inaugural report in the series was authored by Benjamin Marks, First Nations Senior Research Officer.

  1. 2.Hoeven Delivers Congressional Response to 2017 State of Indian Nations Address
    The Congressional Response, given by Senator John Hoeven (R-ND), to the 2017 State of Indian Nations address. Hoeven, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, touches on healthcare access and quality, veterans' health, homelessness and overcrowding, economic development as it relates to quality of life, the safety and well-being of children in foster care, and resources for victims of violent crimes, among other things.


  1. 1.First Nations Native Arts Initiative Application Q&A Session

First Nations will award up to 15 Supporting Native Arts grants of up to $32,000 each to support projects that aim to strengthen the organizational infrastructure and/or arts programming of Native museums and cultural centers, Native-controlled nonprofit organizations, and tribal government programs. Eligible applicants must have existing program initiatives in place that support Native American artists and traditional Native art forms. An informational session will be held on Thursday, March 2, 2017 to learn more about this grant opportunity and the application process!

  1. Local Innovation Strengthening Economies

The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship is an active member of the Rural Development Innovation Group (RDIG), which is made up of rural development practitioners, intermediaries and others who have been deeply involved in advancing rural community and economic development. RDIG is co-sponsoring with The Aspen Institute a 6-part series of panel conversations focused on advancing a rural opportunity agenda, America's Rural Opportunity. Each panel features rural innovators who, together with their partners, are working to create economic opportunities for rural people, businesses and communities. Here's a snapshot of the first and second sessions:

  • Local Innovation Strengthening Economies, Feb. 10. Read about this session and watch the recorded livestream HERE.
  • Supporting Entrepreneurial Economies, Mar. 17. For details about this session, click HERE. Spots are available in-person in Washington, D.C. or via live feed. While free, reservations for both are required. You can also follow this session on Twitter and Facebook by using #ruralinnovation.

There will be 2 more sessions this spring and 2 in the fall. We will share the topics and dates as soon as they are available!



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