Funding Opportunities

FEATURED!">Water and Waste Disposal Direct Loan and Grant Program
The Water and Waste Disposal Direct Loan and Grant Program can provide funding for clean and reliable drinking water systems, sanitary sewage disposal, sanitary solid waste disposal, and storm water drainage to households and businesses in eligible rural areas. To learn more about this program, contact your local state USDA Rural Development office.

FEATURED!">Water and Waste Disposal Loan Guarantees Program
The Water and Waste Disposal Loan Guarantees Program can help private lenders provide affordable financing to qualified borrowers to improve access to clean, reliable water and waste disposal systems for households and businesses in rural areas. To learn more about this program, contact your local state USDA Rural Development office.">Service Area Competition Funding for the Health Center Program (Areas Served with a Project Period Start Date of January 1, 2019)
Grants to health centers to provide comprehensive primary healthcare services to an underserved area or population. Application Deadline: Aug 6, 2018">Regional Partnership Grants to Increase the Well-Being of, and to Improve the Permanency Outcomes for, Children Affected by Substance Abuse
Funding for collaborative regional partnerships that provide activities and services designed to increase the well-being of, improve permanency outcomes for, and enhance the safety of children and families affected by substance use disorders. Application Deadline: Aug 13, 2018">NEA Our Town 
National Endowment for the Arts is supporting creative placemaking projects that integrate arts, culture, and design activities into efforts that strengthen communities by advancing local economic, physical, and/or social outcomes through its Our Town grants program. This funding supports local efforts to enhance quality of life for existing residents through arts engagement, cultural planning, design, and/or artist/creative industry support, or to build and disseminate knowledge about how to leverage arts, culture, and design as mechanisms for strengthening communities. All applications require partnerships that involve at least two primary partners: a nonprofit organization and a local governmental entity. One of the two primary partners must be a cultural (arts or design) organization. Our Town offers matching grants starting at $25,000 for Place-Based and Knowledge Building projects. Deadlines: submit SF-424 by 8/9/2018; submit materials to Applicant Portal 8/14-21/2018.">Indian Health Service Loan Repayment Program
Loan repayment for educational loans in return for full-time clinical service in Indian Health Service programs. Application Deadline: Aug 15, 2018">IHS Tribal Management Grant Program 
Indian Health Service is offering grants to assist federally-recognized tribes and tribal organizations in assuming all or part of existing Indian Health Service programs, services, functions, and activities. Funding is for tribal needs assessments, planning, evaluation, and health infrastructure development. Deadline: 8/17/2018.">Tribal Opioid Response Grants 
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is offering grants to federally recognized Indian tribes to address the opioid crisis in tribal communities by increasing access to culturally appropriate and evidence-based treatment, including medication-assisted treatment. Deadline: 8/20/2018.">Rural Residency Planning and Development Program Technical Assistance
Funding to establish a single technical assistance center that will support HRSA’s anticipated Rural Residency Planning and Development program that is expected to begin in fiscal year 2019. Application Deadline: Aug 22, 2018">DOJ Gang Suppression Planning Grants Program 
Department of Justice is offering funding through the Gang Suppression Planning Grants Program. The program is designed to reduce violent crime, gangs, and victimization and promote public safety in communities. Funding supports strategic planning and capacity building work through multidisciplinary and community partnerships. Deadline: 8/27/2018.">Farm Labor Housing Direct Loans and Grants
Low interest loans and need-based grants to develop affordable housing for year-round, migrant, or seasonal domestic farm laborers. Application Deadline: Aug 27, 2018">ARC commits $20M for new round of POWER grants 
The Appalachian Regional Commission has released a request for proposals for the 2018 POWER (Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization) Program. In this round of funding, ARC will commit up to $20 million to support efforts that create a more vibrant economic future for coal-impacted communities in the ARC region by cultivating economic diversity, enhancing job training and re-employment opportunities, creating jobs in existing or new industries, and attracting new sources of investment.Deadline: August 29, 2018">First Nations Supporting Native Arts Grant 
First Nations is pleased to announce this 2018 NAI request for proposals (RFP). Native-controlled nonprofits and tribal government programs located in one of the following regions are eligible to apply for an NAI Supporting Native Arts Grant as part of this current funding cycle:

  1. Upper Midwest (North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin);
  2. Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California). For a list of eligible tribal communities in Southern California, please">click here. 
  3. Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington). 

During this funding cycle, First Nations will distribute approximately 15 Supporting Native Arts Grants of up to $32,000 each. Selected Native-controlled nonprofit organizations and tribal government programs must have existing program initiatives in place supporting Native artists and the field of traditional Native arts as well as a demonstrated commitment to increasing the intergenerational transfer of knowledge of traditional Native artistic practices and perpetuation and proliferation of traditional Native arts. Application Deadline: August 30, 2018">Rural Hospital Leadership Award
Provides an educational stipend to a small or rural hospital administrator or chief executive officer to attend an AHA Annual Meeting or Health Forum Leadership Conference. Application Deadline: Aug 31, 2018">USDA Housing Preservation Grant Program 
USDA is offering funding through the Housing Preservation Grant program. This program provides grants to sponsoring organizations for the repair or rehabilitation of housing owned or occupied by low- and very-low-income rural citizens. USDA will award a total of $10 million in Housing Preservation Grant Program funding for the repair and rehabilitation of rural housing units. Application deadline is 9/9/2018.">Capital Magnet Fund 
U.S. Department of Treasury CDFI Fund has opened the 2018 Funding Round for the Capital Magnet Fund. This fund offers grants to finance affordable housing and community revitalization efforts that benefit low-income people and communities. Deadline: 9/17/2018.">Department of Labor YouthBuild Program 
DOL is offering grants to nonprofit and public agencies through YouthBuild to provide construction skills training for at-risk youth, ages 16-24. This year, all applicants can include a Construction Plus component. Deadline: 9/18/2018.">Strategic Economic and Community Development 
Strategic Economic and Community Development (SECD) prioritizes projects that support the implementation of multi-jurisdictional plans under the">Community Facilities Program,">Water and Waste Disposal Program,">Business and Industry Loan Guarantee Program, and">Rural Business Development Grant Program. Many communities already working together to develop multi-jurisdictional plans with the help of strategic partners including non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, university extensions, regional authorities, coalitions of counties/towns and federal agencies. The goal of SECD is to promote collaboration in rural communities and across Rural Development agencies and programs. Communities are incentivized to align resources, develop long-term community and economic growth strategies and engage federal, state and local partners. By promoting this regional focus USDA resources can be more effectively utilized and have a larger impact on rural capacity building and wealth creation. Application Deadline: September 30, 2018

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