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Funding Opportunities

This   funding opportunity was announced in the previous bulletin however some   updated resources for this opportunity are featured below:

Performance Partnerships Pilots   (P3) for Disconnected Youth

States,   municipalities, and tribes can now apply to become a Performance Partnership Pilot (P3), to test innovative,   outcome-focused strategies for achieving significant improvements in   educational, employment, and other key results for disconnected youth.    This initiative enables up to 10 pilots to blend together funds that they   already receive from different discretionary programs administered by the   Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor, the   Corporation for National and Community Service, and the Institute for Museum   and Library Services.  Moreover, pilots will receive start-up grants of   up to $700,000.  The Notice Inviting Applications is posted online.  Be sure to   check out the blog post and archived national webinar.


  • Performance Partnership   Pilots: What you need to know

December 11th, 2pm ET

This webinar will provide an opportunity for prospective   applicants and interested stakeholders to learn more about Performance   Partnership Pilots. Be the first to hear what you need to do to be a part of   this unprecedented opportunity to use federal funds flexibly and in   innovative ways to help disconnected youth.

Register   for the webinar

P3 Information Hub:  The Forum for Youth Investment has developed a   one-stop-shop for resources regarding Performance Partnership Pilots:  Performance   Partnership Pilots Hub




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